Mac Drives

Macintosh 400K (M0130)800K External Drive (M0131) The Macintosh 400K external disk drive was introduced in 1984 with the original Macintosh. It is capable of using 3.5-inch 400K SSDD (Single-Sided/Double Density) disks. It can also use 800K DSDD (Double-Sided/Double Density), but will only record to one of the 400K sides of the disk. In other words, …

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Apple debuted the QuickTake 100 on February 17, 1994 and began selling it on June 20, 1994 for $749 US. It was one of the first digital cameras targeted for consumer use. We obtained our QuickTake 100 in 2007 for $20. The QuickTake 100, built by Kodak for Apple Computer, is a 24-bit color still …

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Apple IIe

The Apple IIe was introduced in January 1983 as a replacement for the Apple II Plus. Apple intended the Apple III to eventually replace the Apple II Plus, but its failure in the marketplace prompted them to release an enhanced version of the II Plus, the Apple IIe. The IIe became so popular that it …

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The Koala Pad is a graphics pad produced by Koala Technologies. Koala Technologies made versions of the KoalaPad+ for the Commodore 64, Apple II (IIe and IIc), and Atari (Atari 400, 800, and 800XL) computers. These 8-bit computers all used a similar joystick port connector. The Commodore 64 and Atari 800 joystick ports are actually compatible with each other. …

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Apple IIe Platinum: Released 1987

The Apple IIe Platinum was introduced in January 1987 as a replacement for the Apple IIe Enhanced. The IIe Platinum motherboard is essentially the same as the IIe Enhanced. Apple changed the case color from the beige of the IIe Enhanced to a blue-gray color it called “platinum.” At the time, Apple switched most of its computers to …

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Powerbook Duo 230: Released 1992


Apple introduced the PowerBook Duo 230 on October 19, 1992 along with the PowerBook Duo 210. The PowerBook Duo is a subnotebook that has almost no ports and no internal floppy disk drive. It must use a dock like a MiniDock or Duo Dock in order to expand its capabilities and give it access to standard Macintosh and PowerBook ports. The PowerBook …

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Macintosh Plus: Released 1986


Apple introduced the Macintosh Plus on January 16, 1986 as a replacement for the Macintosh 512K. The Macintosh Plus has an 8 MHz 68000 processor and an internal 800K floppy disk drive. The Plus supports up to 4 MB of RAM. My Macintosh Plus has only 1 MB of RAM and is branded “Macintosh Plus …

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Macintosh Color Classic: Released 1993


Apple introduced the Macintosh Color Classic on February 10, 1993. It was discontinued on May 16, 1995. The Color Classic can best be described as a concept gone too far, or perhaps not far enough. The Color Classic was a replacement for the black and white Macintosh Classic II and featured an excellent built in 10-inch Sony Trinitron RGB …

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Apple IIgs: Released 1986


Apple introduced the Apple IIgs in September 1986. Many at the time considered it to be a replacement for the venerable Apple IIe, but this did not happen. Apple would go on to keep both computers in production for years to come. The Apple IIgs was officially retired in December 1992, followed shortly by the Apple IIe in …

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Macintosh LC: Released 1990


The Macintosh LC is a line of personal computers that were part of Apple Inc.’s Macintosh series. Introduced on October 15, 1990, the “LC” stood for “low-cost color,” reflecting its position as Apple’s affordable color-capable Mac at the time. It was designed to offer a more budget-friendly alternative to the higher-end Macintosh models while still …

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